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To join the afterschool premium membership program, please choose two of the available sessions below which are appropriate your child's age. For Thursday and Friday programs, some prior experience will be very helpful. We will invite students to join our world-class competition team as soon as they are ready.

  • Monday: Junior Robotics - Age 5 - 7 - No experience needed. Explore building and coding skills with robots.
  • Tuesday: Intro to Coding - Age 6 - 8 - No experience needed. Learn to code on a computer with robots and electronics.
  • Wednesday: Roboteers - Age 8 - 12 - No experience needed. Learn to build and code MicroBits, Lego, and VEX IQ robots.
  • Thursday: Team Prep - Age 9 to 12 - For students who are preparing to join the robotics competition team. Learn to code to control the robots.
  • Friday: Pro Coders - Age 10 to 15 - For students who are excited about coding projects. Learn to code in the Advanced Scratch program and Python.