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Vex IQ Build and Code - Ages 8-12

VexIQ Competition Robot
The Vex IQ system is a snap-together plastic building kit that provides great structural strength but also allows for quick changes of design for creativity's sake.

vex iq
The coding for VEXIQ software is done with ModKit, a graphical language. (It uses a Graphical User Interface, or GUI, to help students assemble code quickly without having to know the details of procedural programming). The graphical nature makes it easy for even the youngest students to get started learning the basics of programming the code that makes a robot execute commands.

Graphical Programming VEX IQ
Moreover, behind the scenes the graphical interface is generating real robotics code in higher level programming languages, so while using the GUI the students are also learning about the structure and logic behind software coding that can easily transfer to other languages such as Robot C.

This workshop includes building, coding, and a competitive challenge. After completing this workshop students are eligible to apply to become a member of our VEX IQ competition team.

About Rolling Robots' Competition Teams and the importance of our workshop program

These workshops are pivotal for preparing our students for participation on our competition teams. Rolling Robots’ Teams are world class performance teams and we only accept the best. That being said, we also have an excellent track history of turning students into winners in the field of competitive robotics. Our teams have been to the World Championship each of the last 4 years, with over 10 separate Rolling Robots teams from various age levels participating. Each year we have also won awards. To name a few of our accomplishments:

  1. 2017 World Championship High School Division Champions
  2. 2016 Pan Pacific Champions
  3. 2016 Design Award and 2016 Community Award
  4. 2015 Induction to the World STEM Hall of Fame
  5. 2015 Excellence Award of the World Championship
  6. 2014 Teamwork Award

In 2017, eleven Rolling Robots teams advanced to the California State Championship, and five teams participated in the National US Open Championship in Omaha. Also, our High School team won the Pan Pacific Championship in Hawaii. The list goes on and on. (You can see more details on our team activities on Our Blog as well as on our various social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @rollingrobots)

The reason we say all this is not to brag (well, not entirely), but also to emphasize the importance we place on our workshop program. We really can't stress enough how good these classes are for turning novices into experts.

VEX Robotics World Champions

7700R Wins Vex Worlds
Our teams are by invitation only, we select the best students from our workshops and summer camps. Completing these summer camps with a focussed effort is the best and fastest path to team membership.

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